Services & Rates

Group Hikes


We hike rain or shine 7 days per week! We hike together as a team always:) Sharing the care of your loved ones so we can help with care as one big happy family:) 

Our hikes are split into 2-3 groups depending on the day, in accordance with the pups who will be bestests pals and geography . We want to give you and your furry family consistency. 

Our time frame for pick ups and drop offs is between 10am and 4pm for all services. We always consider puppys who may be in crates who might not have access to the outdoors and also the time of day you will be away, so we know how to split up their day and provide the best care possible!

On Saturday and Sunday and for any service after 5pm there is an additional $5 charge. This excludes overnights and daycares.

We have a 3 day per week minimum for all group hikes. We do this because we want to provide the best care possible and create a genuine, consistency and impact in your pet's life.


$26 for 4-5 days per week

$27 for 3 days per week

$10 per additional pet



Day-Care, AKA Camp-Too-Much-Fun! 2-3 group hikes per day including lunch time and rest , totally cageless specialized Day-Care.


10am to 4pm,  7 days per week

$10 per additional pet

$60 per day



In-Home Pet Sitting or in-Our home Pet sitting


Starting at $68 per night.

$10 per additional pet



Pet Taxi

Pick up and drop off to and from the vet, or groomers, picking up dog food and treats, miscellaneous errands.


Starting at $25


$15 additional for group hikes and daycare.

$40 additional for overnights

 Rates are increased during these times due to the significant increase in the need for pet sitting. This is applied to compensate to "Your" Walkie in full.

2015 & 2016 Holiday premium rate days

Labor Day weekend - September 5 - September 7, 2015

Thanksgiving - November 24th - November 26th, 2015

Christmas and New Years - December 23rd - January 1st, 2015-2016

Memorial Day weekend - May 22 - May 25, 2016

4th July -  We only do overnight services on the 4th, no group hikes or daycares. This is so we can focus all of our energy on the pups who may have issues with the fireworks during this time.

Initial Consultation

We do a phone consultation first followed by an in-home meet and greet:) You must schedule a meet and greet before signing up for any services, the reason is that we want to be introduced to your furry family members as someone who may be caring for them. There is no time limit, we want to make sure it's a perfect fit and you a very comfortable with us. 

The phone interview is free and we can talk for as long as you like, the fee for the in-home consultation is $25 for an hr. 


If you are a registered client, you can make service requests 24 hours per day using our online schedule system. Requests are responded to during regular office hours. Monday-Friday 9am-5pm. We provide services 7 days per week!:)