If you're a Who's Your Walkie client, here you can pay for Group Walking Services or sign up for automatic billing for ongoing services and packages. We accept credit card payments, processed securely through MoonClerk.

Group Walking Services

Use this form to purchase group walks. Include the name of your dog(s) and any special instructions.

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Automatic Billing for Ongoing Services

If you have ongoing services with us, we highly recommend signing up for automatic billing. Simply choose the maximum amount you want charged per month. That amount is only the limit of what you can be charged, not the amount you are charged based on actual service. You will never be charged without notice or consent. You will receive a text message and email before any services are due.  Also, you will have access to your account to update your credit card information.

[button link="https://app.moonclerk.com/pay/9iwjlfk0i" size="large" bg_color="#DF872D"]Sign Up for Ongoing Services[/button]